The purpose of this prototype was to demonstrate the high quality of printing for a new line of printers with a single press of a button. The device will be installed in stores next to the sample printers to print sample pages. For this design the design engineers at Rapid Keypads used our unique fore light™ lighting method to give this unit a modern look and feel. The prototype features a USB Host, a micro SD card as well as custom capacitive touch button.The micro SD card is loaded with sample print files. When the custom capacitive touch button is pressed, it sends the correct file from the SD card to the printer in order to print the appropriate sample page.

With Rapid Keypad's software, RGB lights are programmed to visually simplify error detection. When an error occurs the lights start flashing in different colors notifying the user when a problem occurs. Here is a video of just how powerful and useful this error detection method can be.

This prototype is another example of how we at Rapid Keypads can provide our customers with a complete solution.

This prototype features

  • USB host
  • RGB Lighting
  • custom touch user interface design
  • Error detecting software

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