Our capacitive touch can be used in many applications and designs. For this project our goal was to create a game pad controller using capacitive touch so that whenever the user pressed a certain key on the interface, the system would simulate a button press and release of the keys found in a joystick.

This game pad controller consisted of 10 capacitive touch keys, of the 10 keys 6 were mapped to the start, select, x, o, triangle and square keys found in modern day game pads.The remaining four were used to represent the change in the X, Y direction. The graphics for the custom overlay were reverse printed onto 0.060” thick acrylic. Custom enclosures were designed using SolidWorks and rapidly prototyped using our own FDM machine. In a short time Rapid Keypads was able to provide a complete USB Joystick solution to our client.

This product features

  • PCB Type Capacitive Touch
  • Custom Graphic Overlay
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom Enclosures

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