In his digital electronics class,Zachary Phillips from LeTourneau University in Longview, TX and his team were working on building a digital dots and boxes game for their final project. In their design, they were thinking about making the control interface using capacitive touch buttons right underneath a sheet of acrylic!

This film based keypad can be digitally printed and mounted to the reverse side of a laser etched piece of 0.125" thick acrylic. This is a perfect fit for their project!

Our Inline 16 PCBs were used to turn these button presses into output lines that acted like momentary buttons. When a button is pressed, a line will go high momentarily. The power button was configured as a latching button. When the power button is pressed, the line latches high. Once it is pressed again, the line will return to the low state.

Now that they have their interface, they will have to write code for their CPLD. They must design the dots and boxes game to take this button press information and light up the correct colored leds.

This Project Features

  • Fast Touch Inline16 PCB
  • Capacitive Touch Sensors On A Film
  • Acrylic Overlay

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