This project is a great example of our design capabilities. Zoop actually called us looking for a capacitive touch pin pad for their secure payment device. During their conversation, they got an idea of our product design capabilities and tasked us with creating their first looks like feels like prototype for a trade show that would contain a MagStripe reader, LCD display, PMIC and a capacitive touch keypad.

This project had several wireless radios such as Bluetooth, NFC, etc. It is important that the capacitive touch secure keypad designed for this product has robust noise rejection algorithms to tune out false button presses. The keypad also needed a buzzer feedback upon button activation.

We have several years of capacitive touch interface interface experience. We understand the practical trade-offs that need to be made while doing the capacitive touch sensor layout. Our keypads have passed conductive noise tests conducted by UL. Leveraging all this experience we designed a secure pin pad solution which had the folloing features:

  • PCB type capacitive touch keypad
  • Robust noice rejection algorithms to tune out false button presses
  • audio feedback upon button activation

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