The capacitive touch keypad created for this project is a perfect example of our expedited prototype process. The entire development of this keypad met a deadline of 3 weeks, we are able to produce fast prototypes because of our know-how, experience, and having the right equipment.

The keypad features 5 capacitive touch buttons with a custom graphic overlay.

It is very important to us that our products meet the customers requirements all of the time. To ensure the quality of our products we create test procedures where we test the functionality of each unit before shipping it to our costumers. In some cases like this project we need to develop test fixtures to simulate other hardware that connects to the device in order to receive the most accurate results.

Generally prototypes provided to the aerospace industry are subject to extensive testing. As part of the DO-160E testing procedure for avionics hardware our prototypes were subject to tests including ESD test, magnetic susceptibility test, operational shock and crash test, voltage spike conducted immunity test, audio frequency conducted susceptibility test, RF susceptibility test, fire and flammability test and RF emission test and passed them.

This Project Features

  • Custom Graphic overlay
  • PCB Type Capacitive Touch
  • User Interface Design

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