For this project we designed a multi functional fully integrated control system for Ultrasonic Power Corporation. The design offers operators a unique fully-integrated method for controlling and viewing system functions like time, temperature, 7 day scheduled heat timer, pump, ultrasonic intensity and low liquid detection.

A great achievement we accomplished while designing the panel is making the panel completely water-proof, easy to operate and backward compatible with all future console systems. The fully integrated control system also features an error detection system which uses software and various sensors to detect errors and notifies the operator when they occur.

capacitive touch industrial keypad

If you want to know more capabilities of this check out this Press Release by Ultrasonic Power Corporation released on March 30, 2010.

This Project Features

  • Custom Film Overlay
  • Fully Integrated Control System
  • Driver Electronics
  • User Interface Design
  • Water Proof Overlay
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Error Detection

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