This custom IPTV selector panel was made for NASA’s launch command centers and was contracted to us by ITT Exelis.

The IPTV Selector panel consists of 17 buttons and the electronics are designed and configured to simulate the key press and release of 17 different keys found in a regular computer keyboard. With this project we also designed a custom rack mountable (1RU) enclosure, a custom graphic overlay and provided the client with USB cables in order to provide a complete working system.

Unlike mechanical push button or membrane switch keypads, our capacitive touch interfaces come with electronics that make it easy to

  • Simulate key press and release of keys found in regular keyboards
  • Simulate arrow press and release of joysticks
  • Send keyboard macros (a series of custom keystrokes such as Ctrl+A, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v etc.)
  • Send text strings

Aerospace clients perform reliability calculations on all their design based on MIL-STD (Military standard) specifications. We worked with the Systems Engineer to determine what the MTBF (mean time between failures) is for this touch interface and after all of our research it was determined that the average duration of time our product will operate until it experiences a failure is 1,045,536 hours or in other terms about 120 years!

This product features

  • Custom Graphic overlay
  • PCB style capacitive touch
  • Custom mountable enclosure

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