Daedulus inc, a company contracted by Evive Station to create their new drinking kiosk designed a beautiful kiosk and turned to Rapid Keypads for help in designing the user interface

Daedalus presented us the following requirements for the user interface:

  • The intreface needs to be strong and scratch resistant
  • Panel must be dead fronted(when a button is not lit it becomes invisible)
  • Must contain an RF-ID reader
  • Must have a bright and uniform backlighting
  • Must have individual control of backlight
  • Communicate via USB to an Intel atom computer running Windows

To meet the requirements we decided to use a 1/8th inch thick glass overlay, our film type touch sensor and driver electronics. We chose a glass overlay because it is strong and scratch resistant. The driver electronics will allow the touch panel to send information via USB using the CDC interface.

The purpose of the RF-ID reader is used to detect a water bottle to identify it. After identifying the bottle it sends the data to the computer to match it to a user.

To get a visual understanding of how the panel works please watch the video below.

This Project Features

  • Custom Glass Deadfront Overlay
  • Film Type Capacitive Touch
  • Driver Electronics
  • User Interface Design

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