While presenting a new product idea it is important to create a lasting impact. To do this, we need a looks like feels like prototype. One of our clients wanted to design and fabricate a prototype of a new punch-in/punch-out time system. This client only had a simple sketch of the idea. From this rendering we were asked to build a functioning prototype that would be displayed at CES. The product was also supposed to contain an ethernet jack, USB host port and a TFT LCD screen.

This project is a great example of how customers call us looking for a keypad but end up getting their whole product designed by us. We used SolidWorks for modelling and Altium Designer for schematic capture and circuit layout. We place alot of emphasis in getting it right the first time. We also believe that using the right tools for the job ensures high quality results. This combined with our expertise in film type capacitive keypads and projected lighting resulted in a beautiful finished prototype for the consumer electronics show (CES).

This Project Features

  • Capacitive Touch Film Keypad
  • TFT LCD Screen
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • USB Host Port
  • 3D Printed Mechanical Enclosure
  • Projected Lighting
  • Deadfronted Acrylic Overlay

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