Rapid Keypads develops and manufactures custom USB keypads with driver electronics. Designing our keypads to comply with the standard USB HID protocol allows us to create custom keypads that map certain keys, joystick or mouse functions with plug and play features, meaning no extra software drivers are required. The touch panels can have graphic overlays using plastics, glass or any non-conductive material. Along with graphic overlays we can add custom uniform-diffuse LED back lighting, audio feedback or custom mechanical enclosures.

This is a PCB type QWERTY keyboard that uses uniform-diffuse LED back lighting to illuminate an acrylic overlay. Notice, there are no moving parts on the keyboard. This means no dirt, dust or grease is going to go between the plastic caps and the buttons making it the perfect keyboard for certain industries. For example because the keypad uses subsurface sensing, it is very easily cleaned and disinfected making it ideally suitable for medical devices, industrial applications, CNC controllers, PLC machines etc.

This Product Features

  • PCB Type Capacitive Touch
  • Custom LED Back Lighting
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom Acrylic Overlay

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