Have you ever asked your self, "if only this device would have this extra feature it would improve the its overall usefulness ?" After hearing dentist's feedback, Ron Nguyen DDS, the inventor of the lightest and smallest LED Loupe Light contacted us to develop a “must have” upgrade feature for his product.Ron's idea was to control his Ultra Light Optics device by using capacitive touch technology. This is where our experience in capacitive touch technology came into play.

The Problem

Ultra Light Optics is a medical device product used by a dentist wearing gloves. During a procedure it is very important that the dentist doesn’t actually touch any switch or button with his contaminated gloves. This issue becomes a problem when the dentist needs to turn off the device because there is no other option other than to touch the buttons and possibly contaminate it.

The Solution

A capacitive touch sensor with control electronics was added to the inside of the main power pack which is placed on the dentist belt!

With the added touch sensor the dentist can easily reach down to the power pack and tap it to activate or deactivate the light with his elbow. The best part about our capacitive touch is that it works even if you have gloves on!

This product features

  • Custom touch Sensor
  • User interface design

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