Micro Touch USB

Finally, an easy way to quickly prototype a capacitive touch system without even writing a single line of code! Our Fast Touch™ configuration utility makes setting up a USB capacitive touch keypad a snap! You can tune a 16 button capacitive touch keypad in minutes. Once complete you can map the buttons to any key on a computer keyboard, mouse, and joystick. You can also map the button presses to General Purpose Output lines. You can choose active high, or active low. You can even choose whether you want the output to be latching or momentary!

USB Touch Interactive Store Window

Reach out and touch that store window!

Recently several customers have called us asking us to make a simple capacitive touch system that could make it easy to set up an interactive store window or POP display. We took that challenge and created our USB Touch Total Control with Audio PCB. This PCB has it all! You can have up to 16 capacitive touch sensors either with a zif tail or with individual wires connected by a header. You can drive lighting, motors and relays easily! You also can play audio files stored on an SD card! All of this output can be mapped to button presses. You also have USB output as well as RS232 serial output! You can configure all of this without having to write a single line of code!

A mouse track pad attached to a store window?

After making our USB Touch Total Control with Audio PCB, we received a call from a new customer in Greece. He wanted to add a mouse track pad to his interactive store windows, and since we could do it, we did! You can simply peel and stick this pcb to a store window and connect it via USB. Now you have a custom USB mouse track pad that can sense through glass!

Vending Machines get a new promotional display and keypad

This simple keypad and lcd module brings a lot of new interesting features to vending machines. Now you can offer people free credit to your vending machine. Just type in your user name and password and get access to the credit the operator has given you! You can also send different promotional sales / discounts to the LCD for example, Today 25 cents off any Chocolate!

Our capacitive touch can handle salt water!

This panel was designed to work in a wet / humid environment. Then we found out that people dripping with salt water will be operating this touch panel. Our brilliant software engineer developed a special filter algorithm to handle salt water dripping over buttons. This is a video of our successful test of his new capacitive touch firmware.

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Rapid Keypads is a division of Blue Sparq, Inc. Blue Sparq, Inc. was created in 2008 to develop and manufacture custom electronics and control systems. Blue Sparq specializes in custom electronics design and manufacturing. "From the beginning, customers wanted to give their products a new modern look and feel with capacitive touch keypads and interfaces. Blue Sparq took the hint and spent a lot of resources in developing their capacitive touch interface offering. From there we developed our led keypad lighting and audio feedback to give the interfaces a more beautiful look and better user experience!" Says Jameel Ahed, President of Blue Sparq, Inc.